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Accelerator - A fleet management system designed for purpose

Date Added: 2013-11-15

So, you are a national network, part of a large and highly respected commercial vehicle operation and you are looking to bring added value to customers.

Not an easy challenge if you already have a reputation for value. But, in these times where customers are looking for more and more for their money, it is one that has to be tackled.

That was the prospect facing Intertruck. As part of Unipart Commercial Vehicle it is a national operation involving more than 40 branches offering fleet operators and independent retailers a full range of truck, trailer, commercial vehicle, bus, coach and specialist vehicle parts.

Its parts operation was thriving, offering little scope for even more added value. But Intertruck thought it could perhaps look at ways of helping its customers run their own businesses. Its annual customer survey showed that some customers could do with a helping hand when it came to day-to-day management and long-term planning.

Glen Crompton, Intertruck’s Marketing Manager, decided that giving customers access to better information systems would ensure they had a more detailed overview of the way their businesses were being run. That way, not only could Intertruck give customers their usual good deals on parts, they could also help them see ways of becoming more efficient.

In short, Intertruck wanted to offer customers a software system that gave them quick and easily accessible data about all aspects of their business. By doing so, customers could then see where efficiencies or more profitable decisions could be made.

Crompton said: “Intertruck has always been about excellent product availability, competitive pricing, rapid delivery and national distribution. But we believed that we could help customers become more efficient, whatever their size, by offering them a vehicle management software system that would raise their efficiency, turnover and profitability.


 “The question then was which software system could do the most and offer the best support to our customers? We went out to the market to see what was being offered by the leading providers of fleet and workshop software systems.’’

It was this approach that led Intertruck to Accelerator.

Intertruck was impressed with the ease with which Accelerator could be set up and tailored to the exact needs of each individual company. But it was the range of options that it offered customers that led to Intertruck securing a partnership deal with Accelerator.

Glen Crompton explained: “Accelerator quickly came on our radar. We started asking for opinions about it within the industry and we were immediately impressed.

“It had everything we needed - a well-established pedigree, a large customer base who had only good things to say about it and, most importantly, a fantastic reputation for customer support.

“We could see that Accelerator had the potential to offer our customers not just a standard system, but also many other options. Specialist modules for contract hire and fixed price maintenance, PDA modules for remote workers, specialist server failure safeguards and web templates for improving customer and depot-level information – they all added up to the total package.

“We are a large organisation that prides itself on its hard-earned reputation. So when we were looking for something that could bring added value to our customers we knew it had to be good enough to enhance both our service and our reputation.

“We are happy that Accelerator does that.  We believe that we are the first major after market-distributor to offer full fleet and workshop management software as part of our complete portfolio of value added services for customers.’’

Intertruck was most impressed by Accelerator’s ability to offer:

  • comprehensive vehicle information at the touch of a button
  • reminder wall charts, scheduling and reports
  • job sheets in less than 10 seconds
  • full vehicle job and parts history
  • parts warranty tracking
  • easily produced estimates and quotations
  • comprehensive vehicle cost reporting
  • fuel usage and cost reporting
  • fast, secure invoicing linked to your accounts


Crompton added: “Accelerator is seen as the ideal solution by ourselves. It is very well developed and offers the total IT management solution for our customers, whether they be a single site workshop or a multi site large fleet.
”In these difficult times, we want to help our customers become more efficient and become more profitable.

“At Intertruck, we believe in being our customers' first choice for commercial vehicle products and services by providing industry leading solutions. With Accelerator, we have further enhanced this philosophy.’’


Accelerator founder Graham Helliwell said: “We are absolutely delighted to be working with Intertruck.

“Our early discussions proved that there was a lot of synergy between their requirements and our capability. We soon realised that by working together as a strong partnership we could bring all of the benefits that Accelerator has to offer to Intertruck’s national customer base.’’

A specially designed version of Accelerator has been created for Intertruck customers. It is being branded as “Accelerator from Intertruck”, with its own web site and promotional materials.



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