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The future of AppSoft

Date Added: 2017-07-07

Changes at Technopoly Ltd and to our AppSoft brand

As some of our customers may already know we have recently moved our head office to Newquay in Cornwall.

This has been done so that Graham and Kathleen, who sold their house in Lancashire last year and moved down to Newquay, can enjoy more time with their two daughters and four grandsons, who also live in Newquay.

This has also formalised the appointment of Victoria Baker their daughter as Operations Director for Appsoft.

Victoria has been a director of the company for several years and will now be in charge of all day to day operations of the business, including new systems installations and the organisation of all training and software developments.

Graham will continue as Commercial Director including sales and forward business and product development and of course Kathleen will still be in charge as our Managing director.

Security has also been improved in Cornwall and Marley our feisty Terrier is now firmly in charge of warding off the ducks which visit the site each morning.

But let’s not forget the North West office development and support team. As a result of this move the top floor of the Rawtenstall offices has been converted into a visitor conference room and staff social activities and chill facility, complete with games platform and a new pool table for the staff to enjoy in their lunchtime breaks.

Both sites are connected together over a VPN for complete telephone, video and data sharing.

“It’s just like being in the same office only 350 miles away” says Graham, “and we can easily get up to Manchester any day of the week with a one hour flight from Newquay to Manchester. Which is much better that six hours in the car.”

In fact it’s so easy that some of our staff have already been down for two day meetings as part of our planning for the future

The move to new offices in Prow Park in Newquay last September was the starting point for a whole host of new initiatives to add more modules to existing products.

We have also recently completed development and implementation of a new web based resource tracking and costing application for the Huge Crossrail project in London, which is being used daily to monitor the work of over 2000 construction workers and engineering technician’s right across the full 100 miles of this mammoth project. This new Trackman product is now also being marketed to other parts of the construction sector.

“Our plans for the future are very exciting”, commented Kathleen, “Having upgraded all of the computers and communications equipment in both offices, we are now planning major investments in new staff to supplement our growing teams, new server facilities both in house and at our web hosting provider at UKFAST” and of course major developments to upgrade all of our software products to the web.

These investment will pay dividends for all of our current and future customers and pave the way to the future for many years to come for our company.

So what’s in store for our products.

The Future of AppGMS. AppSMS and Xact.

As some of you may already be aware we have been busy beavering on with the next development stages of bringing these systems to be wholly web based.


The first stage was MYCO. Our web based business performance portal which some customers already have and for which we are now requesting feedback for its next update please?

For more information go to


We have named this project MIDAS as we believe that the new Web applications will provide your business with everything it needs going forward to grow and be more profitable.

For this first stage we have just completed a full redesign and development of the three web ordering modules, Trade catalogue, Manpack Uniforms and Stockroom. NOP Commerce has also been upgraded with a whole new set of plugins.

We have done this to improve their speed and efficiency as well as bringing them bang up to date with the latest web technology,

We have also done a lot of work on the Back end core system and web uploads to improve speed and reduce updating times.

These new web ordering sites now offer more opportunity for customers to manage the look and themes as well as banners and other content pages.

The reporting screens now offer your customers much more flexibility and options to export.

In addition we have been working to make these sites more mobile friendly and responsive.  So it’s all exciting progress.

Core system update

We are currently in final testing of the update to these web ordering sites as well as the core system update. This update will include more speed improvements, a new module for average costing and more reports. It will of course also include the latest progress with all of your developments and additions.

As soon as this is fully tested here we will be releasing this to you for beta customer testing and then full implementation.

At the moment we are on target for rolling this final version out at the beginning of July this year.

This update will be the final one we are intending to do before we release the new web version, which we expect to achieve within 12 months time.

MIDAS Stage 2 Full web application

This major piece of re development work has been 12 months in the planning and preparation, including a major refresh of the existing data tables and SQL procedures in preparation for the new web front end user interface.

The objective of offering our systems as a fully web based hosted application will be to take maximum benefit of the very latest MVC (Model, View, Controller) and web technologies and efficiencies.

In addition because the web ordering screens, user interface, and core system will all be hosted together we will be able to achieve faster speeds of operation, real time web side data, smoother updates and quicker installations.

The system will be hosted on our secure hosting platform at UKFAST with unlimited resources for growth and expansion. Removing the need for our customers to worry about their own servers and systems to drive it.

As part of this development a new user interface environment will be introduced. This will offer a multi-screen real time customisable user experience, with the ability to view different aspects of any customer, their orders or progress within the system.

This new user interface will also be responsive to other user environments and designed to run on any device, smart phone, tablet or PC based systems.


When is it going to happen?

The intention is to release this new system in two phases. The first phase will be for our standard products and fashion based customers and will comprise of the core sales, procurement, order fulfilment, picking, dispatch and invoicing modules.

The second stage will be to add in the more specialised finishing and manpack uniform processing modules.

In addition a new more advanced warehousing module will be introduced to provide more flexibility for our larger customers to partition core, customer, supplier and specialised stock holdings as required in configurable warehouses and locations for bulk and immediate for pick stock holding areas.

Bar coding, which has always been in the system will be enhanced with new tablet and portable device screens for picking, packing and tracking.

The existing reporting module will also be upgraded to offer a more flexible reporting environment including real time access to the code data set for own reporting and other third party links.

Keeping in touch

Whilst this development is taking place we will of course be updating everyone on our progress as well as taking feedback on suggestions for further improvements to various modules, features and screens.

Toward the final phases we will be opening up the opportunity for any willing customers to have a sneek peek at what we are doing before moving to final testing and customer acceptance trials.

If your company would like to be involved then please let us know?


The Appsoft Team





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