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Compliance - Commercial Vehicle Workshop

Date Added: 2015-05-13


Fleet management standards compliance

If you run your own busy vehicle maintenance workshop with the same lively mix of constraints from customers always wanting more for less, suppliers tempting you for new business and staff all wanting to do things their own way to run the business better than you can, then you may have some sympathy with the guys and girls that took their own definitions of compliance to new heights in that shady grey movie currently touring your local cinema.

Fleet management compliance is not about giving in, it’s about making sure you meet certain standards, it’s about doing business in a controlled way, your way. Get control of your fleet and the world is your oyster. After all there must be some pleasure for all of that pain.


Profit from compliance

In the more sober world of vehicle maintenance, pits and technicians, vehicle compliance means the daily juggling act to ensure that customers keep their operator’s licence intact and are informed that their vehicles must be serviced or inspected and brought in to comply with the law. When they are you need to ensure that your vehicle workshop admin team can remember what needs to be done, checks that need to be recalled from the last visit, faults that require correction from the most detailed of inspections and that all the correct parts are fitted and tasks completed to time so that you can both comply and turn a profit.

Unless you have proper fleet and vehicle management systems in place one thing is for sure, you will feel the pain.

To avoid any dependence on medication or euphoric mind inducing fixes, or even your partner beating you around the head because you have taken work home or are working late again you have to have something solid which you use to control your business.


Doctor Graham

Graham HelliwellAs Graham Helliwell Commercial Director of Appsoft UK says. Sometimes when we are contacted by a prospective customer who either has no fleet management system or an old fleet management system, it’s a bit like being a doctor, first of all we have to find out their symptoms, where is the pain coming from? Have they let a customer down, has a vehicle been pulled up at the side of the road and found not to comply, or are they having difficulty getting paid because no one can remember why they were charged so much for the last repair, or are they simply just not making enough money to ensure some pleasure in life.


Miracle cures

In any walk of life these fleet management systems don’t come cheap and whilst there are many medications and solutions out there the team at AppsoftUK always recommend a daily dose of Accelerator VMS fleet management and workshop software.

For over 20 years we have been curing people by taking away the uncertainty, by providing:

  • A fully integrated fleet management and workshop management system that manages everything to control your workshop.
  • A stock control management system to track valuable stock, make sure technicians log their time, and ensure that information about any vehicle is right at your fingertips.
  • Financial control with seamless links posting data to Sage software accounts.


Keeping your kit ready

You need to be working with the best and Accelerator fleet management and workshop software will ensure your kit is kept in peak performance. Accelerator fleet management and workshop software can hold details of all your vital workshop equipment and ensure it too is maintained and kept compliant.


Helping customers to comply

Offering a better service to your customers will also ease their pain, regular emails to let them know which vehicle reminders are overdue, hopefully none, which are already booked in and then which ones are due in for the next period. This will allow them to be better organised and to also keep their fleet on the road. Let them Go Mobile and access their vehicle service history, inspection sheets, documents and invoices online anytime. Let them know the minute their vehicles are ready for collection. Ease the pain on your own reception front desk and make their life happy again.


Get a better life

Pain is good in small doses, it can prompt you to be more mindful of mistakes, and it can focus the mind on a key area of your business that needs improving. It can hit you hard if you do not comply, especially in the trouser pocket, which is the worst kind of pain.

If you want a better life, one with less pain, one that will make your customers happy again. One that will ease your journey to total compliance and profit, then you need to trade up to Accelerator VMS fleet management and workshop software, the Professional's Choice.




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