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AppSMS is our sales management system it is linked to accounts packages and provides sales and stock control, sales ordering, point of sales systems, web sales, catalogue management and warehouse modules. It uses fully-integrated web ordering modules and can be set for individual products, specifications, customers or accounts. Everything you need to maximize efficiency.


Sales Management Software

Web Ordering Portals

Modern autonomous websites. Unlike most e-commerce ordering sites, AppSoft offer automated solutions providing your business with a state of the art web ordering site that manages itself. With synchronised products, pricing and sales you can offer both your business to business and business to customer clients a crisp and clean ordering website that you can easily manage from your back office system. Simply flag the products you want online and away they go.

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MyCo - Business Analytics

Top level overview of company performance in real time. View daily, weekly and monthly achievements via an array of graphical formats. Motivational tool assisting in company goals being attained. Keep track of top performing customers and products. Evaluate department efficiency against predetermined targets.

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Sales and CRM

Multi format order entry including branded items. The ability to view order status from multiple screens and quickly set up & order product kits & packs. Easily keep track of calls and tasks and run interest specific email marketing campaigns for customers and prospects.


Order products with shortfall or low stock levels at the click of a button. View requirements and previous monthly usage in a single screen. Easily exclude long lead time orders from shortfall calculations. Change the supplier for an entire product range in a couple of clicks. Add products to existing draft purchase orders to reach minimum order levels.


Configure individual customer stock models. Create stock replenishment routines. Generate consolidated concession invoices. Includes promotion pricing facility and seasonal multi model support.


Configure multiple warehouses. Bulk, Intermediate, Pick & Pack buffer levels. Sophisticated warehouse & rack design screens. End of day auto stock replenishment routines. Goods-in stock put away options.

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