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The complete solution

An award winning, flexible, easy-to-use vehicle management system for fleets, workshops and larger operations. Information can be recorded, retrieved or amended at a moment's notice from anywhere using Accelerator's GoMobile™ module.


Fleet and Workshop Software

GoMobile : Complete control from anywhere

Connect staff in the field to your full back office vehicle management systems via phone, tablet, laptop or other web-enabled device. Gain access to precise, real time data and proof that all inspections have been carried out. Can be used by any number of staff or customers and can be implemented quickly. Offering maximum freedom and functionality. It is your whole office system in your hand.

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Fleet Management

Accelerator's™ fleet module enables you to schedule, organise and record regular servicing as simply as possible. Making it easy to carry out mandatory inspections, record and correct reminders and driver defects and maintain comprehensive details of all servicing, repair work and parts fitting. Containing accident reporting, fuel and tyre usage, on screen data and documents links, giving instant access, total control and a real time overview of the whole fleet operation.

Streamlined Workshops

Be certain that every reminder, defect or inspection fault is completed - on time. Workshop includes all fleet modules and allows you to book in jobs and create job sheets in seconds. It contains instant and complete details of every job; including projected or actual profit made. Enabling you to invoice with complete flexibility directly by job or batch with the option of split and consolidated invoice generation. You get complete traceability of all stock and parts fitted, including returns extending to supplier invoice level.

Enterprise - The Ultimate Suite

For the national fleet operator or company running a number of fleet or workshop bases. Enterprise includes all Fleet and Workshop modules, available in both single and multi-company editions. Enterprise contains a number of specialist modules such as Equipment, Hire & Fixed Price Maintenance. Its Field Technician's Module enables sending and receiving of jobs to the latest generation of mobiles. You can also link to Sage, Sage Line 50 or MMS, with monthly invoicing options available.


Many companies have for too long had to compromise by using one pre formatted inspection sheets for all types of vehicles. This means that technicians spend time marking codes as N/S or sometimes making mistakes when doing a different type of vehicle.

The Accelerator inspections module puts an end to this ever occurring, by enabling you to set up unlimited inspection templates that can be linked as a default to any vehicle. Templates can be easily and quickly copied or set up for service and inspection checks, Loler tests, tail lifts, new vehicle receipt inspections and finished build for vehicle manufacturers, inspections can have optional sections to cater for tyre and brakes checks and other data point entries.

Signatures of the inspection and manager approval are also recorded.

Completed inspection sheets can be emailed to customers or fleet managers and are kept on the system for instant or remote access using the Go Mobile apps.

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Type Approval

This module was developed in response to a number of our customers who build and modify vehicles, and who now have to comply with new European legislation introduced and mandated in June 2015. It allows Type Approval codes for vehicles and parts to be recorded for compliance with other new build and vehicle modification information required for the issue of a Certificate of Compliance.

The module caters for multi stage builds and can record all details required for compliance.

A number of reports are provided to collate and verify Type Approval numbers of parts used and fitted to any vehicle.

Hire Contracts

This comprehensive module provides options to set up both spot and fixed hire contracts. User defined settings provide flexibility to set up vehicle type and duration rates for daily, weekly, monthly and fixed cost terms. These unlimited special rates can be set up including customer specific.

Available vehicles can be assigned if free for the date period, including multiple vehicle assignments to each contract.

Additional cost elements such as deliveries and collections, environmental, fuel and cleaning charges can be added to any contract as well as drivers licence and insurance details. Mileage allowances can be set up including additional mileage costs. Invoices can be generated at any time and payments made as both cash and account.

Hire estimates can be quickly prepared and converted to an approved contract as required complete with printed hire contract terms. These can be emailed out from the system.

Hire management and report screens are provided to show hires due out and due in and contract status.

For ongoing monthly contracts an end of month invoicing screen is available that automates the batch preparation and posting of invoices to Sage accounts.

Parts Website

Great news for those companies who already sell parts and who want to get this service on line quickly with the minimum of fuss, ongoing hassle and cost.

This module will give you complete automated control for uploading parts information, images and prices directly from the Accelerator stock module to your own themed web site. This can be linked to your existing company web site or created as a completely new fresh design for your business.

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